The standard price of the course is only $390

We’ve kept the price of the Professional RegTech Certificate course as low as possible to make it accessible to the widest possible audience.

The cost includes the award of the certificate, upon successful completion of the course. The course fee is about 90% less than the price that many universities and other training providers charge for general FinTech online courses, yet this course is much more practical and relevant to real world challenges in the financial services industry.

Keeping costs low has wide benefits

Financial institutions can enroll larger numbers of staff members to ensure RegTech knowledge and skills are spread throughout their organizations.

RegTech companies can train all their staff and onboard new recruits so they get a better understanding of the industry, prospective customers, and competitors. New graduates looking to embark on a financial services career can add practical skills to add to their academic studies, obtain a valuable qualification and show prospective employers they are committed and ready to start.

Compared to other online courses

A fraction of the price – and a much higher ROI.

Focused on RegTech: the key area of FinTech impacting all regulated financial services companies. Greater depth and proprietary content that is not available elsewhere. Practical and more relevant to the real-world than a purely academic course. Lessons, insights and knowledge from over 50 senior industry leaders. A 360 perspective: views from financial institutions, RegTech companies, industry researchers, university academics and investors.